Battle of Blenheim 13 August Full Detail

Battle of Blenheim

The Battle of Blenheim, August 13, 1704, was an important battle of the War of Spanish Succession. The overwhelming victory of the Allies ensured the security of Vienna against the Franco-Bavarian army, thus preventing the collapse of the Great Alliance.
Battle of Blenheim 13 August
Louis XIV of France sought to drive the Roman Emperor Leopold out of the war by taking Vienna, the capital of the Habsburgs, and to obtain a favorable peace agreement. The dangers for Vienna were considerable: the Bavarian voter and Marshal Marsin's forces in Bavaria threatened from the west, and Marshal Vendome's large army in northern Italy posed a grave danger with a potential offensive across the pass. Brenner. The Hungarian revolt in Rákóczi also put pressure on Vienna from its eastern positions. Aware of the danger, the Duke of Marlborough resolved to mitigate the danger for Vienna by marching his forces south of Bedburg and helping to keep Emperor Leopold within the Great Alliance.

A combination of deception and expert management, designed to hide his true destiny from friends and foes, allowed Marlborough to travel 400 kilometers smoothly from the Netherlands to the Danube in five weeks. After securing Donauwörth on the Danube, Marlborough sought to attack Elector and Marsin's army before Marshal Tallard could bring reinforcements to the Black Forest. However, with Franco-Bavarian commanders reluctant to fight until their numbers were deemed sufficient, the Duke promulgated a policy of looting in Bavaria aimed at imposing the problem. The tactic failed, but when Tallard arrived to strengthen the army of the electors and Prince Eugene arrived with reinforcements for the Allies, the two armies finally found themselves on the banks of the Danube in the small town of Blindheim, whose English " Blenheim "is derived.

Blenheim was one of the battles that changed the course of the war, which hitherto was prone to Louis' coalition and ended with French plans to remove the emperor from the war. France has suffered up to 38,000 casualties, including the commander-in-chief. Chief Marshal Tallard, taken to England. Before the end of the campaign of 1704, the Allies had taken Landau and the cities of Trier and Trarbach in the Moselle to prepare the campaign of the following year in France itself. The offensive has never materialized since the Great Alliance army had to leave the Moselle to defend Liège against a French counteroffensive. The war would continue for another decade.

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